...real LOVE.

On the set of "New Flame".

Video: Chris and Usher shooting the video for "New Flame", last Friday.

“@ashermonroe22 : Off to the next adventure! #thecrew #pj happy bday @innisjenkins”

@ashermonroe22 : Off to the next adventure! #thecrew #pj happy bday @innisjenkins”

Yeah that's Diane Jenkins jet too that's not Chris's


Omg the lady with them is Diane Jenkins. I just googled some stories about her and it's creepy. Chris needs to keep 100 ft away from her 😵😵

Lol Why?

Asher is managed by the blonde lady or she owns the label that's releasing his album. Something like that. Don't know why they're w Chris though


Wasn't that Asher Monroe with them? I wonder if they are going somewhere to shoot something or just really heading to Spain.

Yeah,that’s him. Idk,let’s wait and see.